Thursday, August 1, 2013

A brief look at some of the political possibilities in South Africa

[This first appeared as a letter in Business Day on August 1 2013. My internet 'exile in space' is BDlive]

Dear Sir

May I return briefly from exile in the trackless space of the internet to drop off some unorthodox political views:

* Times are hard - but, then, when were they soft?
* The ANC may not be in decline - only sorting out where it stands at last.
* President Zuma isn't as bad as they say. Former president Mbeki was at least as bad, but no one was allowed to say.
* The party is not the collection of crooks and nitwits many complain about. It will mount a powerful election campaign for next year.
* The tripartite alliance is crumbling - but it has been for years. And in-fighting among trades unions helps strengthen government - though it creates major problems for law and order.
* We all need law and order - even 'the masses'. Only a tiny minority who say they speak for 'the masses' need a revolution.
* Instead of 'millions' flooding to vote EFF, EFF may cause 'millions' to flood back to the ANC.
* That could be bad for the opposition DA.
* It could be bad for all opposition - but only temporarily. Opposition is here to stay. It’s the quality of opposition that counts now.
* These points are not prophecies. Every one may be proved wrong by events. Just like all those that contradict them.

 Paul Whelan

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